dimanche 28 décembre 2014

#5 2015 GoPro Hero Video

As 2014 is fading away to give its place to a promising 2015, I am slowly making a things to do list for this coming year. The reason behind this is that I received a GoPro for X-Mas. As I was greatly inspired by all the  ‘’GoPro’’ and ‘’People are Awesome’’ videos, I thought it would be nice to make one of my own.

This year, I am not making any New Years Resolution or promises to myself that I won’t keep. But one thing is for sure is that you can look forward in reading stories from the list below. These stories are the event that will fuel my inspiration to make my 2015 Adventure video.

2015 GoPro to do list:

Snowboarding stunts
Stock car Driving (Montréal)
Scuba Diving (Mexico with whale sharks)
Quick Poker Game and Cigars (for ambiance)
Gun Range (Falling plates) (IPSC)
Tactical Chopper flying
Motorcycle Driving (Harley)
Rock Climbing (With JP)
Ice climbing
Awesome Camping Fire (for ambiance)
Turkey (Hagias Sophia, Blue Mosque, Cistern, etc.)
White-water Rafting or Kayaking
New Tattoo
Mountain biking
Park Jacques Cartier Canyon
Cliff jumping
Roller coaster

To be a little more realist, I’m not expecting to have stories or videos of exactly all of what’s on the list. I will do as many of these as I can possibly and who knows, maybe I will have the inspiration to add some things that aren’t on the list yet.

Whatever the outcome, with a little editing and music, I’m sure it will be a great year.

Until next time,